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Vikings - The TV Series

The Premier was a SMASH HIT!

 The word “Viking” has long been synonymous with brutality, terror and mystery, but these legendary warriors were much more complex than their mythical reputation suggests. The new HISTORY series, Vikings, which premiered March 3, 2013, at 10/9c reveals the extraordinary world of these Dark Age raiders, traders and explorers—not through the lens of outsiders, but through the eyes of the Vikings themselves.  Year Two will begin on the History channel on February 27 at 9PM CST.

Exciting New Member Benefit Added to the Sports Medal Program! 
Sons of Norway is eager to announce its Virtual Pilgrimage! 
This exciting new member benefit will be an expansion of the current Sports Medal Program and reward members for living an active lifestyle. The Virtual Pilgrimage mirrors Norway’s existing Pilgrimage route from Oslo to Trondheim, a route that was once walked by King Olav Haraldsson (995-1030, canonized St. Olav in 1031) himself in the early 11th century as he spread Christianity throughout Norway. 
The Virtual Pilgrimage encourages members to get out and exercise. Start a walking or running group with lodge members, take a jog around the park, walk your dog, but be sure to track each step. The new member benefit will release materials on the Sons of Norway website in January, 2014. 
As you walk, you can coordinate your progress with online features and instructions to help you learn about the cultural history of the route: such as historic medieval churches, significant cities, tourist checkpoints and iconic destinations in Norway. 
After each walk, note your mileage, visit the Sons of Norway Pilgrimage homepage and learn about sites you passed as if you were actually trekking the miles in Norway. The 387 mile route starts in Oslo and ends at the iconic Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. This journey is one of the most popular pilgrimage paths in Norway and the world. Travelers come from all over to follow the network of routes called St. Olav’s Ways. Norway’s regional pilgrim centers (http://pilegrimsleden.no/en/about/pilegrimsleden-i-norge/) provide resources and guidance for pilgrims on their journey to Nidaros Cathedral, the site of St. Olav’s valiant death in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. 
As a Sons of Norway pilgrim you will start at Oslo’s Medieval Park and walk through the towns of Eidsvoll, Hamar, Lillehammer, Ringebu, Otta, Oppdal, and Skaun. As you walk you will learn about significant historical and cultural sites along the way. 
To learn more about the Virtual Pilgrimage and how to participate, please visit the National Sons of Norway website.

Sons of Norway Scholarships!!!!

There are several scholarships available through the Sons of Norway International and our own District Five. You can find information on their websites listed below. The deadlines are approaching soon. 

The Sons of Norway Foundation offers a variety of scholarships that your family members should check out at www.sofn.com  
Click on “Foundation” and then “Scholarships. 

Sons of Norway District 5 also offers scholarships and forms that are located at www.sonsofnorway5.com
Click on “Forms” and then “Scholarships”. 
Season 1 is available to watch at www.history.com/shows/vikings